Andrew Y. Grant is President and CEO of Grant Leisure.

Why LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts HAS GRANT LEASURE AS Director of Development of Theme and Recreation Parks?

Fast Facts
Grant Leisure founded in 1982, London, UK
International locations:
London, UK
Montecito, California, USA
Lisbon, Portugal
Cairo, Egypt

Total visitors for Grant Leisure clients: 120 million annual paid visits
Largest zoological client: San Diego Zoological Society and Wild Animal Park
Largest museum client: Tate Modern, London
Largest theme park clients: Disneyland, EuroDisney, Universal Studios Tour

Professional Focus: In addition to assisting theme park and multi-use entertainment developments, Grant Leisure also specializes in assisting non-profit and historic/heritage organizations in developing enhanced revenue sources. For 25 years, Grant Leisure has worked with over 600 non-profit organizations in 22 countries around the globe.

In your search for a solution to the challenges you face with your attraction, there are few consultancies in the world who bring to your table the skill, experience, and success that Grant Leisure does. Since 1982, we have established our firm as a leader among leaders in providing a broad range of services to the world`s most renowned and prestigious visitor attractions. For example:

Consider Historic Royal Palaces (UK), who entrusted Grant Leisure with the planning, creative development, operations and marketing consulting for their esteemed assets, including The Tower of London, Windsor Castle, and Kensington Palace, to name just a few;

Consider the world-famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, which has selected Grant Leisure as its exclusive marketing and sponsorship consultant for external projects;

Consider the world`s most famous aquariums and museums who have turned to Grant Leisure to increase revenue streams and enhance existing operations, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Baltimore Aquarium, Ocean Park Hong Kong, UK National Space Science Center.

Consider that Grant Leisure has been a leader in developing and enhancing industrial and corporate brands by assisting world-class tourist attractions such as Universal Studios, Anheuser-Busch, Granada Studios, Waterford/Wedgewood and Herren Pottery.

These are just a few of the many examples of Grant Leisure`s depth and breath of services on a LatAm & MilCoin Network basis.

Since 1982, Grant Leisure has been one of the foremost consultants to the leisure industry around the world. A multidisciplinary firm composed of senior professionals, each preeminent in their field of expertise, Grant Leisure assists clients through every stage of the development process from initial concept to successful completion.

Grant Leisure serves a LatAm & MilCoin Network clientele, a broad spectrum of visitor and themed attractions, museums, aquariums, zoos, mixed-use leisure and retail developments, and industrial and brand attractions who today annually attract more than 130 million paid visitors.

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Grant Leisure has achieved an unparalleled track record in translating creative concepts into feasible and profitable projects. We have earned an international reputation as a network of leisure industry specialists.

Despite the increasing pressure of competition and demands of visitor expectations, we are able to help our clients enhance every aspect of attraction operations and management from concept to implementation to opening.

Whether it is developing a imaginative vision for a new attraction, negotiating management contracts, or improving a specific operational area within an existing attraction, Grant Leisure has the experience and capability to solve any challenge.

Grant Leisure knows operations. Our assembled team of professionals are hands-on executives who have logged nearly two centuries of experience in working with the world’s foremost leisure attractions? from Disney to Universal Studios to Leeds Castle to the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park to over one-hundred heritage estates and a multitude of attractions and events that span the Globe.

The combination of Grant Leisure’s commercial expertise with the company’s operational skills means that we can offer both pre-opening and post-opening management support to developers of visitor attractions or mixed-use schemes as follows:

Pre-opening Management
Complete Operations Plan Development
Financial and budget planning
Executive staff placement and training
Participation in the design and development process
Vendor and supplier counselling
On/off site work/vendor reviews
Marketing Plan development
Admissions & ticketing
Visitor flows & circulation
Visitor services
Promotional objectives & strategies
Corporate resource facilities
Pre-Launch marketing
Grand Opening
Themed merchandise planning, development, purchasing
Security procedures
Human resources – recruitment & training
Catering & retail operating systems and strategies
Financial control systems, operating budgets and planning
Health and safety

Post-Opening Management
Provide executive staff
Financial control
Strategic marketing advice
Product development
Refurbishment and redevelopment advice

The multi-disciplined Grant Leisure team has expertise in providing a wide range of services across a variety of leisure projects. Our international experience in developing culturally sensitive, feasible and profitable visitor attractions means that we are able to provide our clients with cutting edge leisure ideas from around the world.

More than three decades of leisure consultancy have taught us what works, the pitfalls to avoid and the opportunities that should be seized.

Theme Parks, Resorts and Themed Attractions
Disneyland California
Universal Studios
Harrah`s Baja California
Borovoye Lake Resort
Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens
Morocco Film City
Ocean Park Hong Kong
Aquaria and Zoos
Baltimore Aquarium
Grupo Parques Reunidos
London Zoo
The Deep in Hull
San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park
Whipsnade Zoo
Sharm Sand Castle/Red Sea Aquarium
Suzanne Mubarak Family Park
Brand Development and Industrial Tourism
Millenium Wheel
Olympic Spirit
Universal Studios
World Cup

Museums, Galleries
Holocaust Museum of Washington DC
National Maritime Museum
Te Papa – the National Museum of New Zealand
The Natural History Museum
The Science Museum
The Tate Modern
The Victoria and Albert Museum
Historic Properties
Spencer House
Blarney Castle
Hampton Court Palace
Houses of Parliament, London
Kensington Palace
Tower of London
Windsor Castle
Leeds Castle
Alnwick Castle
Scone Palace
Welbeck Abbey

LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts theme casino resort concept has been preliminary researched, conceptually designed, and will be developed and implemented as the new Wonder Of The Modern World, and the world’s largest resort casino,  and will contain the following:


LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts Complex is a visionary project by LatAm & MilCoin Network  This project will be using top professionals in every field and will utilize partnerships with companies that will add to the overall value of the project.

LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts Complex will be the largest of its kind, sprawling out over 12,000 acres on undeveloped land next to Rosarito Convention Center.  The following elements will be housed inside the complex:

•    39 Hotel and Casinos
Each will be themed and designed with a specific country within LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts in mind.  Each visitor will feel like they are visiting another country with authentic décor, ethnic restaurants native to the country, as well as staff that will be fully knowledgeable about the country and many will speak the native language of the country.  Each property will have a variety of amenities – including: Convention Space, Night Clubs, Pools, Spa’s, Entertainment Centers, Restaurants, Bars, Condominiums for purchase or rent and more.  VIP’s will be able to stay in Private Villa’s at many of the properties.  Each property will be different in design, size and amenities – but will get a “passport” that will allow them access to any of the facilities within the complex.  Hotels will have live TV access to programs from their home country, as we will have content available via Global’s Streaming Platform and Content Distribution Network.  Some hotels will be branded through recognized hotel companies, and casinos will be run through partnerships with established gaming companies.

•    Baja California Dream Airport Mall
3 million square feet will be bookmarked for this innovative structure.  Not only will this space include shopping, but will be the host structure to Fantazmus Studios (Listed below), as well as the Theme Park (also listed below), 350,000 square feet of open area for live entertainment currently planned for the theme of animated characters licensed from DreamWorks that will be the heroes of the 24/7 Cirque Style productions provided through Aces of Acts. This unique structure will also have space for up to 500 additional retail stores as well as space for nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

•    Baja California Dream Airport
With proceeds from the project, we will complete construction of the airport project known currently as the Tijuana Airport.  This airport will service as overflow for Tijuana International Airport.  This airport will feature a private jet facility as well as the capability to take Freight and other commercial flights.
•    The airport will be financed and built in exchange for 12,000 acres of land, an expeditious approval process for construction of the “Baja California Dream Airport”, LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts, Formula 1 Race Track, Sports Arena, as well as the approval of “Special Tax Zone” limited to this 12,000 acres, where 2.2% additional tax will be collected on all the sales within this 12,000 acre territory.
•    Two construction and engineering firms, such as J.T. Kruer and Co. and Tilke Engineering will be in charge of all aspects of the design, development and implementations on 12,000 acre property and the airport.

•    Baja California Dream Mall
This 15 million square foot mall.  This 4-story mall will include space for thousands of, restaurants, café’s, etc.  Mall’s attractions will include Sea World, a 22-screen movie theater, 350,000 square feet of open area for live entertainment (currently planned are chariot races and Cirque Style productions provided through Aces of Acts).  This mall will clearly be a new destination for the Baja California market, much like the Mall of America does for Minneapolis.

•    Additional retail space in 39 Hotel Casinos connected toLatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts MALLS.
7 million square feet of additional retail space will be available for rent in 39 Themed Hotel Casinos. Due to the fact that Hotel/Casinos will be connected to LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts Malls, the total space available for lease will be over $15 million square feet. These space will accommodate visitors and guests with restaurants and cafes with ethnic food common the Hotel Casino theme, gift shops selling products from these countries. Each Hotel Casino will have 50,000 square feet of open area for live entertainment currently planned for the theme of the 24/7 Cirque Style production featuring that particular country, which the Hotel Casino is featuring. The Cirque productions will be provided through Aces of Acts. This unique Hotel Casinos will also have space for up to 50 additional retail stores as well as space for nightclub, one or two smaller theaters for cabaret and variety shows.

•    The Coliseum Event Center
Classically designed with modern enhancements.  This state of the art center will have a capacity of 20,000 spectators.  Targeting large events and professional sports teams – this arena will be a functional, yet architecturally beautiful achievement.  It will also be functional enough to handle a variety of different types of events such as Hockey, Basketball, Boxing, Concerts, Shows, Robot Combat and more.

•    Fantazmus Studios
Located in the Baja California Dream Mall, Fantazmus Studios will be a state of the art facility built and managed via a joint venture with Pacifica Ventures in conjunction with a major studio to be determined.  The studio will produce a variety of shows, movies and events.  Live studio audiences will utilized to draw more visitors to the property and shrewd strategies with regards to product placement and utilizing public areas within the LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts complex will draw incredible interest.  Where else could you be cast as an extra in a TV show or a major motion picture – just by going to the mall or visiting another area of the complex?  Conventions and Sporting groups can take advantage of the professional grade services on site to create an unforgettable event.

•    DreamWorks Amusement Theme Park
Located in the Baja California Dream Mall, this amusement park will be one of a kind.  Using licensed DreamWorks animation characters from movies like Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Puss and Boots and Madagascar – this park will take storytelling and technology to a whole new level.  The park will also have over 50 rides – including 10 thrilling roller coaster’s, major Cirque Style production shows, an indoor water park, an aquarium, a branded Warwick Castle (UK’s most popular castle attraction), and much more.

•    LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts Motor Speedway and Racing Center
The facility will accommodate a variety of different tracks for different styles of racing.  Formula 1 will be the primary focus, as the viewership and popularity of this brand around the world is unequaled by any other major sport.   A variety of other types of races will include: Indy Car, Champ Car, Le Mans Series, Formula BMW, Rally Cross, Touring Car, Road Racing, Motorcycle Track Racing, Motocross, and a host of other events.  LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts will become the Mecca of motorsports.

•    The Sports Pavilion – featuring the Olympic Hall of Fame
The sports pavilion will play host to a variety of different venues for all types of sports competitions. This venue will be home to Latin American Olympic Hall of Fame and will provide a facility for many of the historical Olympic sports.  The venue will host events from Professional Events that can be televised with the expertise of our production staff and distribution channels.  The pavilion will also be available for amateur levels for competitors and spectators of all ages.

•    The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
To get the full LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts experience, our guests will have the ability to view the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world without having to leave the complex.  Replicas of some of the most amazing architectural achievements will be available for our guests to visit and tour.  The Great Pyramid of Giza, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, The Temple Artemus at Ephesus, The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, The Colossus of Rhodes, and The Lighthouse of Eurasia will be reconstructed as closely as they were remembered.

•    LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts Performing Arts Theater
Bringing culture and class to the Entertainment Capital – the LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts Performing Arts Center will be home to world-class musicals, shows, operas, ballet, circus, and more.  This multi-functional theatre will provide another source of entertainment for our guests throughout the year.

•    The World’s Largest Ferris Wheel
This 800 foot high Ferris wheel will be the world’s tallest attraction.  Views from the Ferris Wheel will be allow breathtaking views of Baja California, as well as the LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts complex.

•    Multitude of other facilities
Without going into detail, the following are a list of other projects that will be incorporated in the LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts facility:
Technology Pavilions
Food Pavilions
Music, Art and Entertainment Pavilions
International Pavilions
Movie Theater / Complexes
PLANET X – Extreme Sport Parks
Ice Skating Rinks
Bowling Alleys
Polo Fields
Madame Tussaud’s waxwork exhibitions
LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts Tower – 200m tall towers
Palace of Little Angels – Education Facilitys
LEGOLAND Discovery Centers
Wild Animal Park/Wind Farms

•    Community Based Projects

Within the complex, we will provide a variety of opportunities to give back to the community.  We intend to have educational and training facilities not only for our staff, but also for coaches and promoters in the Sports Pavilion, educational facilities in the Technology Pavilion, educational facilities within the International facilities, educational facilities in Fantazmus Studios, and one project dear to our heart – the Palace of Little Angels.  The Palace of Little Angels is a children’s after school and weekend learning and event center.  We plan on creating a new education standard by providing an enriched cultural environment using the resources available throughout the complex. Children will have access to advanced level extracurricular programs in fine and performing arts, instruction in music lessons and history – with an emphasis on learning to play an instrument, ballet, drama, literature and science.  Athletic programs include gymnastics, golf, tennis, equestrian skills, archery as well as “finishing school”.  The Palace will be administered by experienced professionals with requisite management skills, including individuals with hands on managerial experience with a similar program, The Palace of Pioneers in Russia.

Amnistya is instrumental in development of Heavy Ion Fusion Plant to be used as a source of synthetic fuel, renewable electric power and desalinated water providing for 10,000,000 people living in Baja California and all of LatAm Entertainment and Media Resort’s energy and water needs.  All buildings and attractions will be developed and implemented as Green Buildings.  Considerations for the environment and water conservation will be at the utmost importance, as we aim to be leaders in the environmental causes as well.

The LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts project will change the face of Baja California.  With LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts built in Baja California, Baja California will always be on the cutting edge – creating newer, more exciting destinations for visitors to see.  Designed by Tilke Engineering and crafted by J.T. Kruer and Company, LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts will take Baja California to the next level.  Visitor volume to Baja California has been stagnant for the last 7 years – tourists need to have something new to see to move the needle.  LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts is the future, and will not only produce an enormous increase in taxable revenues to the state, but also will bring more international visitors because of our exposure in those markets.  Only 16% of Baja California visitors come from foreign counties.  Our clientele, or expertise, our design is geared to market to international visitors.  The LatAm Entertainment and Media Resorts project IS the future and is destined to change how the world thinks about Baja California.