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There is a strong possibility that after reading more information and disclosures you will decide not to invest $5,000,000.00 USD for one (1) TCIIB.

Your remuneration of one (1) TCIIB will earn you at least $15.00 USD for every invested dollar as the short-term ROI and possible additional $37.00 USD for every invested dollar as the long-term ROI … if management will meet market expectations.

The current market price for one (1) TCIIB is $5,000,000.00 USD and it has CURRENT short-term and long-term paper profit of $260,000,000.00 USD.

Obviously only Insiders own TCIIB’s, and only few of the 18,000 TCIIBs will be sold to MilCoin ICO Investors such as yourself to fund the costs of all the elements required to obtain the funding to implement LatAm’s Business Model, which is the acquisition and development of real estate and entertainment assets, and which is where smart money is flowing right now.

Under the Management of Distribution of Financial Instruments and Return on Investment (ROI) to MilCoin ICO Investors, you are guaranteed that your Free Trading shares of stocks and Crypto MilCoins will be sold on the Open Market, at the best average trading price for this Financial Instruments for each of the trading days until all of your Free Trading Financial Instruments are totally liquidated.

The LatAm’s Selling, and Spending Committee Members will oversee selling of your shares in 17 LatAm companies and Crypto MilCoin, which are integrated into one (1) TCIIB and make sure that at least 50% of your share of the sales will be wired to your bank account on weekly basis, and the balance of the proceeds will be used to exercise your options and for every one (1) share you sell you will receive 2.5 shares that you will be able to sell in about two (2) years.

Contact us for more information on our project!

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Contact Us

LatAm Ocean Resorts, Ltd. & MilCoin Network




+1 (242) 602-5263

U.S. FAX: U.S.

+1(619) 330-0629


+1(888) 710-1007


+1(619) 559-4425

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