Although, all the 17 publicly trading companies are already trading on the market under other than LatAm’s names and stock symbols, the current names of this companies and their stock symbols can’t be revealed, as this information is INSIDERS INFORMATION and can’t be revealed.

This UP TO $30,000,000.00 LatAm’s & MilCoin Network (the “LatAm”) MILCOIN ICO-PHASE will finance the launching of the next phase – MILCOIN POST-ICO-PHASE also known as LatAm’s & MilCoin Financial Instruments Offering (the “FIO”) with multitude of investment products that meet requirements of the most conservative investors as well as investors who are looking for rapid market price appreciation. 

Our Offer of Financial Instruments is designed to meet the requirements and objectives of the most conservative investors and those who prefer the potential of a substantial short-term ROI.

One (1) MilCoin is secured by Real Estate valued of almost $1,000,000.00 USD.

One (1) RFCoin is secured by 1 square meter of preserved land occupied by endangered species.

Our mission is to be a model for the sustainable use of land and good commercial practices; as well as an engine of growth and development of tourism, based on innovative technologies.

Planet-Friendly INVESTMENT REWARDS – Stay for Free in the LatAm’s Entertainment and Media Resort “THE WORLD OF FILMS AND CINEMATOGRAPHY”

LatAm will be building an ecologically perfect resort encompassing a 3,000-room hotel, an ultra-elegant casino and the MilCoin Network Film Studio headquarters in Puerto Vallarta.

LatAm will be reopening the former Fox Studio where the hit movie “Titanic” was filmed as the MilCoin Network Film Studios/Baja. The first productions in the new studios, located two to three hours from Hollywood, will be weekly episodes of the MilCoin Challenge Reality Show.

Participants of the $5.00 lottery can also win participation as the competitors on the MILCOIN CHALLENGE REALITY SHOW

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