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Fecha: 02/21/2019

Although this cryptocurrency has been circulating in the market for a while, today it arrives in Mexico
A new cryptocurrency is looming in the Mexican market: MilCoin. The Initial Monetary Offer (ICO) of this
new asset was launched on Thursday and finances the acquisition of more than 150 hotels and a
thousand hectares of beach and water fronts in 12 states of the Republic and other Latin American

In the presentation was Steven Schwartz, general advisor of design and marketing strategies of LatAm
Ocean RE, company that promotes the virtual asset. Schwartz mentioned that MilCoin should have
arrived in Mexico a few months ago, but now that it has formally arrived it will bring benefits for all the
actors involved in its development: investors, companies and end users of cryptocurrency.

According to the also director of operations of Global & Financial Services:
"MilCoin is designed for people who can and are not afraid to spend on resorts, hotels and
major developments, but also for those who, when traveling, do not save for their hobbies".
The cryptocurrency, in this sense, will serve to acquire services and experiences within the
developments that LatAm & MilCoin Network will finance in the aforementioned territorial extensions.
With this in mind, the completion of the project is planned for 20 or 25 years from now; all because of
the investment and use of the cryptocurrency. In a shorter period (6 years), they plan to double the number of tourists in Mexico.

The two-sided cryptocurrency César Hank Izunza, co-founder of LatAm & MilCoin Network, gave additional details of the asset, which currently runs on the Ethereum platform. He explained that the value of each MilCoin is 150 dollars and it is already available for Mexico; while the international investment package includes 4 MilCoins and shares of 7 American investment companies of this real estate project. This last package has an approximate cost of one thousand dollars.

Both Schwartz and Hank Izunza agreed that it is a two-sided cryptocurrency, because it functions like a
traditional cryptocurrency , which has no value until it is used in a transaction; on the other hand, it is a
currency whose value is supported by real assets , in this case, the shares that accompany the ICO and
the developments in which MilCoin Network works as such.

At the end, the managers in charge of this cryptocurrency assured that this is the best financial
instrument to date and will bring benefits to the government and the Mexican people thanks to its
commercialization and operation.

News Source:

Fecha: 02/21/2019



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