MilCoin ICO strengthens the entertainment industry

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Fecha: 02/20/2019

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MilCoin ICO strengthens the entertainment industry


* MilCoin the cryptocurrency of Real Estate, tourism development and entertainment in Mexico

* The Cryptocurrency complies with the regulations of Fintech and BANXICO

* Strengthen the entertainment industry in Mexico

* They will give seminars to show the advantages of the use of the Cryptocurrency

By Juan R. Hern√°ndez


LatAm Ocean RE Ltd., & MilCoin Network presented to the representatives of the media the progress in terms of regulations of the FINTECH Law and the restriction of the Bank of Mexico related to the use of cryptocurrencies on fiduciary responsibility and its MilCoin ICO cryptocurrency.

In this context, the company announced to journalists, advisors and investors, Diamond MilCoin, the new financial instrument through which Mexican companies can accept as currency for their products and services.

In this way, both Tokens (MilCoin and Diamond MilCoin) will be accepted in hotels and resorts, owned by LatAm Ocean RE Ltd., & MilCoin Network, as well as in stores that have already signed acceptance contracts with the company.

MilCoin ICO has a split of 1,000 coins of $ 250 dollars each currency (which according to the financial expectation of the currency markets, tends to multiply its value in the stock market 10 times) divided into two branches: Cryptocurrency and Stock Market regular, as the Diamond MilCoin, regulated in the Stock Exchange of the United States, with an endorsement of 15 companies listed in this market.

This is how Diamond MilCoin was presented as the solution of LatAm Ocean RE Ltd., & MilCoin Network to overcome the current and future norms and regulations of the 195 countries in which about 200 million investors reside in cryptocurrencies, which they will have access to the capital of LatAm companies.

In order to keep the rules in order there will be Security Attorneys in Mexico like the Security Exchange Commission.

They present Seminar

Additionally, as a way to strengthen confidence in the national market, LatAm Ocean RE Ltd., & MilCoin Network, presented its ICO MilCoin Seminars, which began on April 2 and will continue until the first half of May, in where, among other things, it will focus on the use of MilCoin, the importance of making a minimum investment and multiplying it in the future; as well as making known how the investment process works in MilCoins.

Each seminar has a cost of recovery and will be taught in Sierra Vertientes 1125, Lomas de Chapultepec, CDMX.

Strengthen entertainment industry


Finally, it should be noted that LatAm Ocean RE Ltd., & MilCoin Network, that the value of the cryptocurrency is not only driving the real estate development and growth of tourism in Mexico, but it also adds value to investors’ assets, because through MilCoin Talent Express will generate entertainment content worldwide , with competition shows whose participants can become Cirque du Soleil figures , the WCK and international electronic music stages.

On the agenda of Mexico are artists such as Anatoli and Vladik Miagkostoupov , world-famous acrobats directors of the Ace of Talents company , responsible for nurturing the most famous Las Vegas shows with artists; personalities from the world of martial arts such as Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme, Dulph Lundgreen and Steven Seagal , who will participate as a jury in the fights of WCK , international fights company of Muay Thai , directed by Dennis Warner , for the first time touches national territory, among others.

LatAm Ocean RE Ltd., & MilCoin Network, is a global organization dedicated to real estate development, operation of resorts and the entertainment industry.

This company shows a strong commitment to create jobs and has projects that will benefit people from the 3rd. age and the unprotected children of Mexico.

News Source:

Fecha: 02/20/2019