MilCoin ICO, the cryptocurrency real estate company, is preparing to make history

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Fecha: 02/04/2019

MilCoin ICO, the cryptocurrency real estate company, is preparing to make history

Wait, watch and think while the most unusual, fastest growing and most disruptive company the asset-backed cryptocurrency real estate company prepares to make history with MilCoin ICO – LatAm OceanRE & MilCoin Network (MIL).
Contemplating the lush interior courtyard of the Four Seasons Complex in Mexico City, inhaling the smell of newly formed flowers on the tropical fruit trees, it is hard to imagine that the legendary revolutionary Pancho Villa ever toured this same ground with his worn boots and spurs.

Villa’s broad hat, tilted slightly back over his head to provide the young women who stared at him, where it was never a clear view of his meticulously trimmed mustache and his widely expressive face, really cast his shadow over what is now one of the most Are you likely to find elegant and vibrant multi-colored fountains hundreds of miles away from this little piece of paradise in a unique colonial style? We will never know, but it could be true. Sit and relax with Cesar.

Seated and relaxed with Cesar Hank Inzunza and Cuauhtémoc Hank Myers, co-founders of MilCoin ICO – LatAm OceanRE & MilCoin Network (MIL) successful entrepreneurs in their own right and, in the case of Cesar Hank, a professional musician whose reggae band has entertained and exhausted crowds throughout Mexico and throughout Latin America, there are no breezes carrying whispers of leather chains and thunders as the soldiers of General “Black Jack” Pershing unload their horses from the railroad cars that transported them here, there and everywhere of Mexico in its useless, nine-month search of the Villa.

But there was a revolution on this sensually warm night of July 30. The rumors of a great business and financial revolution, a few close to reality, the most extravagantly out of place, dominated the talks and disappeared like so many helium balloons. The atmosphere of something, something very big that was looming on the horizon was so palpable that you could almost compress it into a taco shell and eat it.

It was a prerevolutionary evening, certainly quieter, more discreet and less visible than July, when Villa and his pro-democracy allies crushed the forces of the Victorian and self-proclaimed Mexican dictator Victoriano Huerto, but a prerevolutionary vigil, nonetheless.

Despite the passage of almost a century and the development of a cultural abyss wider than Villa’s grandest ceremonial hat, the revolution that was “engineered” into the Four Seasons on the night of January 30 was one of the oldest bandits, widely known and revered as the “Mexican Robin Hood”, would have understood and supported easily. It contained many elements dear to him, the agrarian reform and the creation of an honest system in which “only people” could buy and sell real estate using the blockchain platform of Milcoin. He had plans for monetary reform, for the creation of quality jobs for tens of thousands of workers who had long ago lost the hope of being able to lift their families out of poverty, to attract millions of new tourists annually to Mexico.

Most of all, it was a plan, a highly developed plan, thoroughly researched and almost totally legal stitched to make your MAK and its investors virtually instant millionaires and, perhaps, within only two to four years, billionaires, while the The company itself continued to accumulate what would eventually become hundreds of billions of dollars in developed and undeveloped real estate, most of which would be used to finance a phenomenal series of commercial and infrastructure improvements in the beloved country of Mexico.

A plan that, to date, has resulted in the execution of more than 500 memorandums of understanding (MOUS). granting LOR, in most cases, acquisition rights below the market price to nearly 7,000,000 acres of land with 530 miles of beaches along the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and Sea of Cortez and the Caribbean, over 20 operational hotels / resorts and the acquisition of 80% of the Russian oil exploration company with approximately US $ 1,000 million in contracts with GOSPROM.

LOR has also concluded successful negotiations to acquire seven diversified companies and make them public through Forward Stock Mergers. In terms of technology, LOR has refined and added additional fraud protection to the cryptocurrency and blockchain management and has reinvented the art of accessing information online with its ad-free subscription search engine LOR has also completed all necessary SEC documents. must offer investors proof of their fiscal integrity and provide both, as well as the financial community in general, total assurance that all of their offers comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Most important for the titular hounds that crowd to block the door, this exclusive press conference was the rumor that MilCoin ICO – LatAm OceanRE & MilCoin Network (MIL) was about to announce the long-awaited launch of a Coins Offer Initial open that is expected to increase as much as a world record of $ 9 billion. Enjoy a certain perfectly prepared Mexican espresso with two co-founders of the company was still consigned to see what tomorrow would bring, like everyone else.

Speaking with entrepreneurs as young as Cesar Hank and Cuauhtémoc Hank, it is easy to get carried away by the breadth and breadth of their knowledge of the complexities involved in the business bomb that they may or may not have planned to exploit over the heads of a group of the most elite financial reporters. of the country during what they described as a “simple breakfast” press conference.

“Simple” in fact. Maybe, it was. Perhaps, after five years of planning, research and, in the words of César Hank, “combining the real estate available in front of the sea throughout Mexico, as well as in Colombia, Jamaica, Belize and the rest of Mexico and Latin America and to the table the best available real estate economically viable in those of our beautiful and diverse desert continent, as well as s Properties facing the sea optimally suited for immediate, short and long term development. “Maybe after all that, the rest of the task, including the launch and management of the ICO that breaks records, the subsequent execution of all those hundreds of MOUs, seems” simple “for men like Cesar and Cuauhtémoc that, unlike most of us were born with BNA (Bionucleic Business Acid) roaring through their system instead of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid).

His grandfather Carlos Hank “El Professor” González (1927-2001) originally a teacher, eventually became a prominent businessman and influential politician who held numerous elective and nominal state and national positions throughout Mexico. A pioneering entrepreneur before most of the financial and business world had heard the term, he created an economic empire with important interests in banking, transportation (including ownership of an airline), trucks, luxury car dealerships and the provision of No-cost generators to bring the benefits of electrification to people who live in remote places far from electricity networks.

The direct descendants of “The Professor” accepted the family torch that their father had passed on to them and they have only increased the brightness since then. Individually and in several family groups they have assets in consumer banking, construction and development of land, tourist complexes, sports teams and stadiums and casinos. Cesar’s father, Hank Rhon, was also the owner of Mexico’s largest investment bank, Grupo Financiero Interacciones, before its acquisition of $ 1.4 billion (USD) from the Grupo de México Banorte, whose CEO, Roberto González, is Rhon’s father-in-law

As Hank Rhon himself has a personal net worth of $ 2.1 billion (USD), a number of Forbe magazine’s 1215 on his list of the richest people in the world, many consider Hank Rhon to be the most influential family in the world. Mexico. possibly all of Latin America.

And now, sitting in this beautiful place, I was talking to two members of this extraordinary family about their plans for the breakfast press conference the next day, whose purpose was, as the low-key invitation, to discuss the developments. The company has a financial Mexican and the future Milcoin Real Estate Blockchain.

But the conservative phrases did not deceive anyone related to financial means or most other Mexican media. Less than two hours after the invitations ran out, the breakfast conference was oversubscribed with members of the invited media and their editors making multiple calls to try to get additional members of their staff added to the guest list.

Pointing to the operator threading the cable and checking the cables, I could not help but laugh. “Hey,” he told the two cousins as he sweeps his hand across the area where the electronic components were being installed, “what you thought you still kept secret, seems to have escaped. The whole world is obviously going to be watching what you and the other executives have to say about the full range of cutting edge technologies that is bringing 21st century business world.

“Or, as some might say, everyone will be watching to learn how he plans to drag traditional business and financing models, concepts and concepts from the 20th to the 21st century. Of all the things he is creating, the first cryptocurrency backed by second-generation hard assets, the construction of a multi-million dollar company essentially free of debt, the seemingly impossible task of creating a financial offer that combines the possibility of high ‘unreal’ returns with sufficiently low risk to meet the requirements of even the most conservative investors.

“Of all those things and so many more than you and your team (https: // / our-team /) have achieved so far and are in a position to achieve it in the future, what are you most proud of? ? ”
The two men began to speak, but it was Cuauhtémoc Hank Myers who uttered his words first.

“Speaking just for me,” he said. “Not as a founder or shareholder of a company, not even as a member of my illustrious family or as a competitor of childhood with my illustrious cousin and co-founder, but I only spoke for myself, my greatest achievement was our ability to structure the financial package to allow Even moderate-income local families can benefit from our success.

“By investing only $ 250, you can guarantee a person or family a return of up to $ 9,000 in the short term and up to $ 100,000 if they can afford to retain their interest for three to five years. I do not think that anyone, either from Mexico or from outside the country, who has gathered any kind of important financial agreement here (oil, natural gas, port development, whatever) has been given to ordinary citizens, including those who worked day after day through the heat of summer and the winter rains to build the buildings, install the kilometers and kilometers of pipes and do all the necessary work so that the big projects come alive and become a real actor in the company. I am very, very proud that we have been able to do that. ”

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Fecha: 02/04/2019