Milcoin, the new Mexican cryptocurrency that hopes to surpass bitcoin

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Fecha: 02/20/2019

Milcoin, the new Mexican cryptocurrency that hopes to surpass bitcoin

Since its creation, there have been several projects that threaten to surpass bitcoin (BTC). And although at the moment none has succeeded, this type of initiative continues to emerge. This time it is about milcoin, a new Mexican cryptocurrency based on tourist resorts that they hope will have more value than the BTC.

The creators of milcoin are César Hank Inzunza and Cuauhtémoc Hank Myers. According to the local news outlet, El Economista , they are “two heirs of one of the most identified names in the Mexican business environment”.

They detail that the first of them is the grandson of a tycoon who built “an empire” around the financial system, airlines and transport systems.

According to the information, the asset’s advantage will be its support. Steven Schwartz, Strategic Marketing Advisor of the Milcoin Network, told the media that the cryptocurrency will be supported by a real estate business and the development of tourist complexes facing the sea.

“The procurement portfolio consists of 5 million hectares with more than 1,000 kilometers of beach in countries such as Mexico, the Bahamas and Colombia,” they explain.


Schwartz announced that the company’s forecast on the value of milcoin is $ 10,000, more than double the BTC ($ 3,990.78).

“The structure of the investment is broken down into integrated blocks, with a total of 18,000 units. Each contains 32 financial instruments, 2,000 free trade milcoins and 2,000 shares for each of the seven companies that make up the project, “they explain.

In this sense, the strategist detailed that the shares of six of the seven companies will have a value of 150 dollars, and another paper for 250, of the matrix.

Foreigners who want to invest the milcoin must contribute $ 1,000, while the amount required for Mexicans is $ 250. Each one of them will benefit from an instrument called the right of appreciation, which consists of granting them additional coins or shares to cover the disparity between the market price and the projected, in case it does not reach its estimated price.

From the company they claim to have sales restriction strategies that help milcoin reach its estimated value, or even exceed it.


In an interview with another local media, Azturismo, Schwartz explained that the project is armored against hacking.

He revealed that the technology is backed by the company LatAm Ocean RE Ltd. & MilCoin Network, which offers additional fraud protection to the administration of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. In addition, they argue that the firm has reinvented access to information online, with its ad-free subscription search engine

The strategist said that the process is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC, for its acronym in English).

News Source:

Fecha: 02/20/2019