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Fecha: 02/20/2019

Milcoin, the ‘real estate cryptocurrency’ of the Hanks

They seek to find a higher value than Bitcoin; will have the backing of a real estate business and development of tourist complexes facing the sea.

The entrepreneurs, César Hank Inzunza and Cuauhtémoc Hank Myers, have opted for cryptocurrencies and have a new project called Milcoin: a digital currency that, they hope, is the first of its kind: one with more value than Bitcoin.

They ensure that their advantages over other digital assets are in their support. And, while a cryptocurrency bases its strength on the trust that its users have in it, Milcoin has real support.

Steven Schwartz, Strategic Marketing Advisor of Milcoin Network, said in an interview for a Mexican media, that the value of the currency is backed by a real estate business and the development of tourist complexes facing the sea. It should be noted that the acquisitions portfolio consists of 5 million hectares with more than one thousand kilometers of beach in countries such as Mexico, the Bahamas and Colombia.

The structure of the investment is broken down into integrated blocks, with a total of 18 thousand units. Each contains 32 financial instruments, 2 thousand free trade Milcoins and 2 thousand shares for each of the seven companies that make up the project. Given this, the company’s forecast is that the value of Milcoin is at least 10 thousand dollars, which is more than double Bitcoin (3 thousand 948 dollars) . The shares of six of the seven companies will have a value of 150 dollars, and another paper for 250, of the matrix.

The investment required from foreigners interested in the Milcoin cryptocurrency is one thousand dollars (around 19 thousand 159 pesos, at the price of February 19); meanwhile, for people living in Mexico, the cost is 250 dollars (4 thousand 789 pesos).

The firm uses its financial assets as a method to finance the acquisitions portfolio. This scheme allows you to achieve the objective without requiring debt. Meanwhile, investors benefit from a sophisticated instrument called the right of appreciation.

The right of appreciation is attached to each value of the project. It consists that, if any of them does not reach their estimated price, the investor will receive additional coins or shares at no cost to cover the disparity between the market price and the projected.

News Source:

Fecha: 02/20/2019



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