The MilCoin, A Business Opportunity Within Reach Of Mexicans

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Date: 02/28/2019

The MilCoin, A Business Opportunity Within Reach Of Mexicans

* A new investment scheme that combines the real estate, tourism, finance and cybernetics.

Mexico City, February 20 (JUAN R. HERNÁNDEZ / EMPRESARIAL SPHERE / DIGITAL CIRCLE) .- They say that opportunities are presented only once in life, and with the arrival of MilCoin in Mexico, an excellent business opportunity is opened. only for big businessmen but for those young investors who want to venture into the market of cryptocurrencies that today are revolutionizing the financial world and the real estate sector.

According to Steven Schwartz, general marketing strategy consultant for LatAm Ocean RE Ltd. & MilCoin Network, only men with an innovative vision of future business (such as the Hank Family) were able to design an investment scheme that would combine the real estate, tourism, finance and even the cybernetic sector.

And it is precisely through the use of MilCoin , the first Mexican cryptocurrency , which is backed by real estate assets to promote sustainable tourism developments in Mexico and Latin America.

The MilCoin , says the businessman, is the first hybrid in Mexico composed of a virtual currency and a package of traditional banking shares, so “every time an investor buys MilCoins, it will obtain shares in seven different public companies, and its value will always be It will tend to rise because it is backed by real estate.

The ABC of a new investment model

In an interview, Steven Schwartz explains in detail that this investment is simple, “it’s a real estate business model. The procurement portfolio consists of more than 5 million hectares with more than 1,000 kilometers of beach.

The business strategist states that capital markets are being used to finance the acquisition of this portfolio.

“It is important to keep in mind that we are achieving all this without debt. The structure of this investment is broken down into Integrated Investment Blocks.

“There are a total of 18,000 integrated investment blocks. Each block contains 32 financial instruments, 2,000 free trade MilCoins , 2,000 free trade actions in each of the 7 companies.

The Rights of Participation where the profits are divided on a 50/50 basis between the shareholders and the owners of MilCoin . Then there are options to obtain 5,000 additional MilCoins and options to obtain 5,000 additional shares in each of the 7 companies, “he said.

In addition, Steven Schwartz emphasizes that these options have a sophisticated financial instrument attached, his so-called right to price appreciation.

“For the Cryptocurrency it is set at $ 10,000 US dollars per coin, for six of the companies it is set at $ 150 US dollars per share, and for the main company LatAm Ocean RE Ltd. & MilCoin Network, it is set at $ 250 dollars.

“What this means is that if within six months of exercising these options the right of appreciation of the established price is not met, the investor will receive additional coins or shares to cover the disparity between the market price and the right of appreciation of the price. price, “he said.

For example, we will use the MilCoin as an example, if six months after completing the exercises for the purchase of Class A coins, the MilCoin is not at $ 10,000 USD per coin, the investor will receive additional MilCoins at no additional cost.

Let’s say that the price dropped to US $ 2,500 per coin, in that case the investor would receive three additional MilCoins for each currency to cover the difference between the market price and the right of appreciation of the established price. This is the first time that a cryptocurrency has been used together with stock actions.

“Due to this gap, we are able to control the distribution of financial instruments for cryptocurrency investors. In essence we control the supply. This will be reflected in the price of MilCoin , which along with several strategies to create demand and as a result, will push the price of the currency much higher than the opening price of $ 10,000 US dollars, “explains the specialist.

There is no risk of fraud

Before the forced question of any risk of hacking, Steven Schwartz is emphatic and affirms that the technology that supports the MilCoin , the LatAm Ocean RE Ltd. & MilCoin Network company was given the task of strengthening and giving additional anti-fraud protections to the administration of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain and have reinvented the art of access to information online with its free ad subscription search engine

LatAm Ocean RE Ltd. & MilCoin Network has also completed all the documentation and requirements requested by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC) for its investors, among which stands out a proof of its fiscal integrity and to provide both ( Client and financial community), total assurance that all of its offers comply with all applicable laws and regulations worldwide.

Participate with $ 250

For Steven Schwartz, general marketing strategy consultant for LatAm Ocean RE Ltd. & MilCoin Network, you do not need big capital to venture into the world of cryptocurrencies, just start with $ 250 dollars.

“With this amount invested, a person can be guaranteed a return on investment of up to $ 9,000 in the short term and up to $ 100,000 if they can afford to retain their interest for three to five years.

“I do not believe that anyone, neither from Mexico nor from outside the country, has gathered any type of important financial agreement that gives young entrepreneurs the possibility to be part of a great adventure in the world of cryptocurrencies and to be part of of this innovative business model, “he concluded.

It will be this Thursday when the platform is presented to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in which investors can access the sale of the Token, with which they can make the sale of the Cryptocurrencies.

News Source:

Date: 02/28/2019