Latam Ocean Resorts, Ltd. & Milcoin ICO Explainer Video

Video Transcripts:

Were you one of the millions of investors swept up in the 2011-2017 cryptocurrency gold rush? Quite a wild ride wasn’t it? But now you’re probably scratching your head and wondering where your money went?

Chances are, your money, what’s left of it, is tied up in electronic coins issued by companies which claim to be engaged in developing new cryptocurrency bells and whistles and other dubious technology. In other words, there is nothing but vapor and smoke standing behind your coin investments.

Think about it for a second. What a ten-dollar bill would be worth without the U.S. Treasury standing behind it? Or how far the price of gold would fall if there was such a surplus that streets were actually being paved with it.

That’s right, most first-generation cryptocurrency is only worth what investors think it is. And. In almost all cases, isn’t nearly as they used to think it was worth. You don’t need the vision of an F-16 pilot to see that your crypto coins have gone in the tank and are sinking fast.

STOP IT! Stop scratching your head and tearing your hair out right now!

Your money isn’t lost, IT’S JUST TAKING A LITTLE BATH. Because you and millions of other cryptocurrency investors were right!

Cryptocurrency, second-generation Cryptocurrency developed by LatAm Ocean Real Estate & MilCoin Network (LOR) is, in fact, the best financial instrument ever invented.

Over the past two years, the LatAm Ocean Real Estate & MilCoin Network team has researched and designed a cryptocurrency token, the MilCoin (, that is ideal and meets investment objectives for even the most conservative investors.

Ideal for even the most conservative investors because the MilCoin is backed by the most reliable of all hard assets, real estate ….  2,757,133 debt-free hectares or 6,699,833 acres of land with 856 kilometers or 532 miles of beautiful beachfront property with ideal year-round weather … beachfront property along the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Sea of Cortez and the Caribbean Sea with dozens already operating, in-profit, hotels and resorts that will utilize MilCoin Tokens in their businesses … a debt-free beachfront property where an additional 15 world-class resorts will be constructed with part of the return from the MilCoin Pre-ICO and ICO.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the MilCoin’s universal value as a Utility Token.

Not only will it be used to fund developments of the company’s wholly-owned, paid-in-full real estate …

Not only will it be used as an electronic medium of exchange for goods and services at resorts, shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues owned and operated by the  LatAm Ocean Real Estate & MilCoin Network …

It will also be widely used as “coin of the electronic realm” by hundreds of thousands of other retail and online business throughout the world!

And it will also be used, widely and heavily used, by untold millions of internet users subscribing to and shopping on, LOR’s proprietary, advertising-free, Web search, and browsing platform.

But just a second, in case someone has forgotten, we should restate the two most basic, important, and universally valid maxim of business success.

  • Having an idea whose time has come.
  • Being in the right place at the right time.

OK, now let’s see how LOR stacks in regard to these all-important “business rules.”

Cryptocurrency backed by unassailable hard assets. Debt-free real estate assets in prime vacation and retirement areas. Debt-free real estate assets that are already developed and generating revenue and vast amounts of debt-free real estate awaiting development.

Can anyone, particularly anyone has made a less than successful investment in the first-gen cryptocurrency backed only by hopes and dreams, claim that cyber-coins backed by unassailable hard assets are not an idea whose time has come?

No. No one can claim that. LOR’s  MilCoin is obviously and inarguably an idea whose time has come.

Is LOR and its MilCoin in the right place at the right time?

Well, let’s see … the LOR MilCoin is not only in the cryptocurrency space, but it is also the pioneer currency in the second cryptocurrency generation … the generation where crypto coins become a standard widely accepted means of exchange instead of just a binary abstraction. And LOR is also a major player in Latin American real estate and advanced internet platforms, two other “right places” to be.

Furthermore, the MilCoin is also being issued at just the right time. Had it launched, for example, a year ago, investors might have mentally lumped it in with the flood of poorly reasoned out, unsupported crypto coin ICOs then flooding the market. Which could have resulted in a less than perfect ICO and, possibly, even some paper losses for investors.

Today, however, a year later, the timing is perfect, the best possible moment for the MilCoin launch has arrived. Today LOR ( and its MilCoins are solid projects with real assets equal to US$ 52,000 per coin and few if any, lesser coin launches to muddy the waters.

Just for fun, while we’re doodling here on the whiteboard, let’s put up some key numbers.

First and most foremost, LOR’s intends to initially raise US $9 billion by offering blue-chip investment-grade units comprised of some or all of 32 separate and distinct financial documents.

During the pre-launch (PICO) period the minimum invest allowed will be US $1,000 and each thousand-dollar investment will bring the investor 4 MilCoin Tokens and 28 shares of stock, four in each of LOR’s seven soon-to-go-public companies.

The same minimum investment ($1,000) during the ICO will return two MilCoins and two shares of stock in each of the seven companies.

All investors will be additionally rewarded by becoming members of the LatAm Vacation Club, which provides free travel, lodging, meals and entertainment at many of LOR’s five-star hotels and resorts. (Value of the reward to be based on the total amount of investment as detailed in

Since each MilCoin Token will be backed by a $10,000 Coin Price Appreciation Right and each share of the seven Publicly Trading Companies will backed by a Stock Price Appreciation Rights of US$ 150 to $250 per share, we have every expectation that each MilCoin token will initially open on the most respected Cryptocurrency exchanges at US $10,000 while shares in the seven LOR companies will be selling for a minimum of US $150 – $250 (depending on company.).

As noted, several screens back, each MilCoin Token will be backed by $52,000 in hard assets comprising of 856 kilometers of beachfront land Not Limited to 2.8 trillion square meters upon completion of the ICO.

But completing its ICO and initial property acquisition and buildout is just part of the LOR story.

LOR will also develop and deploy next-generation blockchain technology to facilitate real estate transactions and title transfers throughout Latin America. LOR will also acquire and create a vast array of entertainment assets, including original TV productions and global award-winning live entertainment productions, to generate income from cable, network and theatrical performances while also serving as highly effective marketing tools for LOR’s Entertainment & Media Resorts

We also plan to provide an SEC Clearing House-regulated cryptocurrency exchange for A-rated electronic coinage and SIPC-insured Token Wallets for our investors. As an additional layer of security for investors, LOR’s securities will be sold under SEC Regulation “D” 506 (b) for Accredited Investors in the U.S. and Regulation “S” for foreign investors.

Not only is LOR ( issuing the world’s first financial instrument offering designed to provide both short and long-term investors with a myriad of exit strategies based on various combinations of MilCoin and stock holdings, LOR’s success is also assured by the expertise, experience and financial savvy of its founding fathers, including Mr. Cesar Hank and Mr. Cuauhtemoc Hank, the grand-children of Carlos Hank Gonzalez and nephews of Carlos Hank Rhon.

This family, which among many, many other successful ventures has developed and managed hotels and resorts throughout Mexico and the Caribbean Islands, is one of the most respected in all of Mexico and Latin America. Jointly and severally, they own resorts, casinos, sports teams, stadiums, construction companies, Banorte, one of Mexico’s largest consumer banks, and Grupo Financiero Interacciones, Mexico’s largest investment bank, and the Stock Exchange.

More than 50% of all Mexican municipal debt is owed to Banorte and Grupo Financiero Interacciones.

“We have been working on this project for the past five years,” Mr. Cesar Hank says. “We have combed all of Mexico, as well as Colombia, Jamaica, Belize and other countries to find and bring to the table both income-producing properties and highly favorable purchase options and contracts on the very best available oceanfront properties for immediate, short and long-term development.

“Sustainable development in harmony with nature, our community, and our heritage,” Mr. Hank added, “is our answer to global warming and our recipe for a better and healthier quality of life.”

LOR has researched what characteristics the real coin has to have.

LOR has designed a business model that meets the investment objectives of the most conservative investors.

LOR has developed the MilCoin the business model benefit businesses, investors and customers. It’s the first Win! Win! Win! Cryptocurrency company in the world.

LOR will be implementing World’s 1st. solution where the MilCoin is one of the 8 financial instruments in the ICO and one of the 8 exit strategies for investors where investors can sell these 8 financial instruments.

The coin is the financial instrument that will help the most to finance the acquisition of 2.8 million hectares of real estate with 855 kilometers of the beachfront and 15 hotels and resorts with no debt and the coin and shares of 7 companies’ stock will provide high price appreciation and 8 exit strategies.

  1. LOR’s is the world’s largest ICO will be issuing MilCoin, and its real estate business model meets the investment objectives of the most conservative investors.
  2. The MilCoin has the MilCoin Price Appreciation Right set at $10,000.00 per MilCoin due to $52,000.00 of real assets backing each MilCoin.
  3. LOR’s real estate and internet platform for billions of people business model, and 32 financial instruments provide an opportunity to all cryptocurrency investors to recuperate losses from other ICO investments.
  4. MilCoin is world’s 1st coin, where each MilCoin is secured by $52K in real assets comprised of 2.8 million hectares/ 2.8 trillion square meters with 856 kilometers/856,000 meters of beachfront and approximately 50 hotels/resorts that had agreed to be sold to LOR.
  5. MilCoin Tokens can be used by billions of people to pay for products and services on abc123start and in LOR’s hotels and resorts and in hundreds of thousands of other retail and retail establishments, beginning in Mexico and from there spreading to North America and the world.
  6. LOR’s IIIB offering the world’s first securities package that delivers a killer combination of cryptocurrency (MilCoin) and shares of stock in seven public companies. This package, which consists of 32 diversified financial documents, provides eight distinct exit strategies for short- mid- and long-term investors.
  7. LOR’s ICO will the first in the world providing investors with an option for obtaining additional MilCoins and shares of stock in each of LOR’s seven Publicly Trading Companies.
  8. LOT’s IIB is the first combined crypto- and stock- acquisition package to reward investors with free annual stays in the company’s five-star hotels and resorts.
  9. LOR ICI is the world’s offering to provide solutions for billions of people with diverse interests ranging from securely buying real estate in Latin America to using them without being handicapped by an endless stream of advertising.
  10. All $9 billion will be raised in 3 stages within 3 to 6 months.

1st. stage of Pre-ICO ==== > MilCoin & 7 shares of LOR’s companies is $250.00

2nd. stage of Pre-ICO === > MilCoin & 7 shares of LOR’s companies is $500.00

3rd. stage ICO ========= > MilCoin & 7 shares of LOR’s companies is $1,000.00

  1. Investment in LOR’s 32 Financial Instruments has all characteristics of being a very large winner.

For more about the future of real estate in Latin America and a partial list of LOR’s properties, please visit

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