Whitepaper Section 08




A successful marketing campaign for MilCoin Network’s series of businesses and resorts will communicate a consistent message across all platforms that MilCoin Network prioritizes the needs of its customers and ensures the highest standards of safety and service excellence.




E-Commerce marketing primarily involves running promotions through both a hotel’s own website and travel agencies (Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak, etc.). Commissions are paid for bookings through third-party platforms, which is why emphasis should be placed on booking directly through MilCoin Network’s hotel websites. Experienced travelers conduct substantial research into price comparisons and most often rely on information found on branded websites. Whereas more recreational travelers seek inspiration provided by online travel agencies.


There are three main aspects to E-Commerce within the hotel industry: Internet marketing in the form of websites and online advertising, mobile applications, and social media. Generally, the first site travelers visit to make travel plans is through search engines like Google. It is therefore very important to ensure optimal search engine optimization (SEO) with everything pertaining to MilCoin Network’s online presence. Ensuring featured visibility through paid ads, consistently strong reviews, updated content, engaging commenters on social media platforms, and implementing ongoing promotional activities is essential to successfully establishing an online presence. Contemporary, responsive design is important for supporting mobile devices and integration with modern analytics tools is crucial for measuring the effectiveness of a campaign.


SMERF Market & Groups


SMERF is comprised of Social, Military, Education, Religious, and Fraternal groups. While they are all very different, they share a classification because they collectively represent a vital piece of hotels’ weekend group business. The most effective hotel marketing strategies to secure SMERF group business involves making the client feel comfortable and secure about the outcome of their event.

A key selling point for SMERF groups is having access to a single liaison who will plan the logistics and ensure the event runs smoothly. Offering a 24/7 assistance hotline and staffing dedicated conference planning managers and onsite audio-visual technology team as part of the hotel package will be an attractive feature for these groups.
Due to its rich heritage and culture,, Mexico is a major destination for SMERF groups. Groups on pilgrimages, archaeologists and historians, geologists, sports fans (soccer, baseball, etc.), and adventure groups all flock to Mexico as a preferred destination.



Business travel will be an important source of income for MilCoin Network’s hotels, usually generating higher rates and comprising weekday travel. The Mexico Tourism Board (MTB) reports that Mexico’s meetings and events sector continue to grow annually by margins over 6%. Over the past several years, the MTB has been implementing its strategic partnership program with convention industry organizations in an effort to elevate its ranking with the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) and increase the economic impact of conventions in the Mexican economy. Mexico is currently ranked third in Latin America. Their focus is to change the narrative Mexican destinations use to approach the international meetings market by connecting associations and corporate clients with their counterparts in local communities and establishing partnerships in both the public and private sectors.

Mexico offers businesses strong competitive advantages including an ideal location, connectivity, infrastructure, affordability, and a mature supply chain. Additionally, the country is home to convention and exhibition centers with spaces ranging from 13,000 to 960,000 square feet in over fifty destinations, providing a wide variety of options for event planners. The National Ambassador Program, comprising scientific, professional, and trade leaders from Mexico, has secured important events such as the 24th Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry (Merida 2019), 5th Latin American Congress on Controversies in Diabetes, Obesity and Hypertension (Mexico City, 2019), and the 11th Congress of the World Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery in Cancun in 2021. Accounting for 29 million participants, 30 million room nights, and 266 events per year, the meetings sector in Mexico is an increasingly important part of the tourism industry and the country’s economy, generating 1.5% of the country’s GDP and creating nearly 1 million jobs.



While working with online travel agencies, MilCoin Network will also establish relationships with traditional travel agents. While the Internet is a useful tool, many travelers still value working directly with agents who have extensive experience with booking travel to a specific region. Travel agents also still play a very important role in securing bookings for business travel, which is a key market for MilCoin Network’s business model. MilCoin Network will reach travel agents via email newsletters including information to related to special offers and upcoming events. We will additionally implement an incentive program for agents who can secure tiered threshholds of bookings.


Participation in various trade events related to travel will provide opportunities to get acquainted with various travel professionals and establish future relationships.

Western Europe, North America, Asia and Canada

Leisure Traveler

Families with children, couples, baby boomers, grandparents vacationing with grandchildren

Household Income: $60,887

Top activities include Theme Park/Amusement, Shopping, and Sightseeing

Transportation: Air travel



MilCoin Network will create print material to be distributed both onsite and at tradeshows and delivered to tour agencies and event organizers. Examples of such collateral material would include:


  • Corporate brochure
  • Maps
  • Education syllabus
  • Tour brochures for mass distribution
  • Marketing material folders
  • Stationery (various sizes)
  • Envelopes
  • Business cards
  • Notepads
  • Flyer templates
  • Group sales literature
  • Pricing sheets


Attending tradeshows, establishing relationships with tour operators, and placing ads with lifestyle and travel travel apublications will be key elements of MilCoin Network’s marketing strategy. We intend to build relationshps with the following organizations:


  • IBTM Americas
  • Cancun Travel Mart
  • Tianguis Turístico México
  • Brazil Agency Marketing
  • Student Youth Travel Association



The media landscape has morphed from traditional-bound mediums (e.g. newspaper, radio and television broadcasting, direct mail, etc) to online marketing via social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, etc). Mobile smart phone and tablet applications and RFID wristbands have changed the way visitors engage with advertisements, ticket and merchandise purchases, and the visitor experience itself.


With billions of active users online every day, focusing marketing efforts through social media will reach prospective visitors worldwide informing new promotions and events, gathering feedback, and driving traffic to MilCoin Network’s website. MilCoin Network will have a dedicated marketing team engaging with users in comment threads and producing content for its website and social channels including news, blog posts, banner advertisements, etc.


MilCoin Network will use a Social Media Management System (e.g. Hootsuite, Brandwatch, Demandforce, etc.) to track activity and generate posts across all social network channels. We will also use a platform such as Revinate for monitoring and responding to customer reviews on sites like TripAdvisor, BookingBuddy, Oyster, SeatGuru, etc. Used by 20,000 leading hotels, restaurants and brands such as IHG, Hilton, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, Carlson Rezidor Group and Joie de Vivre, Revinate saves hotels and restaurants valuable time and money and drives incremental sales by improving customer satisfaction and online reputation.





Central reservations offices are sales and guest services call centers that function as a key driver for generating sales. Although most travelers use the Internet as their primary tool for research and travel booking, there is still the need at times for direct communication between the guest and the hotel. This communication channel provides an opportunity for the hotel to demonstrate exceptional service and additionally upsell additional reservation options to generate additional revenue.


Pre-arrival calls should be one of the main sales “weapons” in any hotel, where Guest Service Agents would reach out to pre-arrival guests to offer all last minute proposals, transportation services, park tickets, spa certificates, and any other additional in-house promotions that may interest guests. Post-stay calls are also an effective tool for getting feedback from a guest and encouraging them to leave a review online.




Yield management is a variable pricing strategy, based on understanding, anticipating and influencing consumer behavior in order to maximize revenue or profits from a fixed, time-limited resource (such as airline seats or hotel room reservations or advertising inventory). As a specific, inventory-focused branch of revenue management, yield management involves strategic control of inventory to sell the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price.
Proper yield management requires an understanding of the customer’s characteristics and demand levels so pricing can be adjusted to a figure that may convince them to pull the trigger on a booking. These techniques are generally used to manage rates and increase REVPAR (Revenue per Available Room), being a performance indicator for a hotel’s operations and its ability to fill available rooms at an average rate. An increase in a property’s RevPAR means that its average room rate or its occupancy rate are increasing. Used in conjunction with the average daily rate of rooms, hotel managers have several means of measuring performance accurately price their rooms.




MilCoin Network’s hotel website will be one of the most important tools in its marketing arsenal, responsively designed for mobile devices and SEO-optimized to generate traffic from searches. Key features of the website will include a reservation platform, call to action for newsletter subscription, virtual tours, promotions, and unique, relevant content including keywords for ranking higher in search results.



Pay-per-click advertising campaigns will be another helpful marketing tool, promoted across social media networks and popular channels for booking travel such as Hotels.com, Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, etc. and redirecting users to MilCoin Network’s website.



MilCoin Network will also implement strategized drip marketing email campaigns with consistent newsletters containing interesting, informative, and personalized content in addition to information pertaining to promotions and special events. Email marketing tools such as MailChimp, ActiveCmpaign, GetResponse, etc. are effective for quickly generating and distributing newsletters and automating messages to be sent to recipients based on certain triggering events (such as clicking a link in another email previously sent). These services are additionally useful for measuring click rates campaigns, which will determine which pieces of content are most effective.




Utilizing our proprietary streaming media platform, MilCoin Network will be able to disseminate information and promote its branded products and services to millions of viewers around the world through advertisements, product placement in original programming, and push notifications to consumers’ devices.


Media assets owned by the MilCoin Network will be made available in at least nine different languages and integrated as part of the visitor experience for our media resort developments.


Working alongside our partners, we will continue securing intellectual property rights and producing original content to further promote user interest in our programs and overall brand.



Experiential marketing is the most reliable means of promoting brand awareness. Using a combination of sponsorship, strategic advertising, and branded product placement, MilCoin Network intends to reach its audience by promoting our brand at various notable festivals around the world.


Festivals are unique in the sense that attendees arrive with the mindset of enjoying themselves, which will translate into a more favorable impression of brands associated with their experience.


Festivals additionally work well to filter our target markets for strategic advertising and product placement. By virtue of their attendance, festival-goers are more likely to embody characteristics of a consumer whose attention we intend to capture.


For example, Taormina Film Festival 65 is the event where MilCoin Network takes the stage to announce the launch of our ICO. This is the ideal event to promote our launch because festival attendees represent a market that would respond favorably to our various entertainment media-related products and services.