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MilCoin Network’s real estate portfolio combines hundreds of properties in areas containing exploitable natural and mineral resources throughout the state of Baja California. Under the direction of LatAm Save The World, we will perform environmentally assured extraction methods to reap the benefits.



The Baja California Peninsula is located at the Northwest of Mexico, extending 1,247 kilometers from north to south with a range from 40 kilometers to 320 kilometers wide. Predominantly suroundedby water, the state is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and Gulf of California (a.k.a. Sea of Cortez.) to the east. Some of Baja’s most valuable assets are its raw natural and mineral resources distributed along the peninsula.


The entire region offers favorable geological conditions for metallic (gold, silver, copper, iron, etc.) and non-metallic (various types of stones, granite, silica sand, limestone, gypsum, etc.) mineral deposits used mainly for the construction industry, offering MilCoin Network a wide range of opportunities for the extraction and industrialization of these minerals.


The peninsula is replete with sites (many unexploited) containing oil and natural gas, and also offers fresh water, fertile soil, and ideal climate conditions for agriculture.


The Baja California Peninsula has been recently considered into five principal mining provinces:

The first province are the deposits of mesothermal sulfates of iron, copper and gold., with its origins attributed by a hydrothermal related to granitic intrusions of the cretaceous.

The second province corresponds to the gold veins distributed along the whole peninsula with origins in the metasedimentary rocks and igneous.

The third province corresponds to deposits of tungsten in a few areas and in the Cucapah Sierra and the Sierra Mayor.

The forth province corresponds to the deposits of travertine, manganese sulfites, barite, wulfenite, stibnite, lead, zinc and silver., the distribution of this deposits are complex and the localities are numerous along all the peninsula.

The fifth province involves the gold pleasure deposits, developed during the Cenozoic, located also in several locations in the peninsula.

Active mineral regions in the State of Baja California. It is important to consider that minerals are located in a large percentage of the land, and that there are still several areas unexplored with important indicators on minerals and petrel materials. In this State we have presence in six of the nine mining regions.

Active mineral regions in the State of South Baja California. It is important to mention that there are hundreds of thousands of hectares un-expMilCoin Networke and with mineral indicators. We have presence on seven of the ten mining regions in the State.

Reforma Agraria Integral

Located in the Municipality of Ensenada along the Pacific Ocean, there is an area identified as Reforma Agraria Integral. This area consists of a group of properties that integrates a cluster of more than 90,000 hectares with more than 27 kilometers of beaches, cliffs, and quarries yielding resources including limestone, flagstone, gravel, granite ores, and marble.


The area additionally offers quality soil and enough water deposits to develop organic agriculture, raise cattle, and supply resources to MilCoin Network’s developments. Highways and roads with electrical infrastructure run through the land, allowing for the possibility of implementing clean wind and solar energy projects.


One of the most valuable assets in this area is the coastline offering of the last few locations with ideal natural conditions, legal requirements and enough capacity to develop one of the largest commercial and industrial ports in the world. Due to its extraordinary location and surroundings, MilCoin Network could conceivably develop complete commercial and industrial facilities capable of importing and exporting goods to the US, Mexico, and elsewhere around the world.



Coastline properties with thousands of hectares suitable for organic agriculture and organic livestock products.

Several species of agave and succulents with rich, clean soil free of pesticides and previous plantations.

Near temporary lagoons and natural streams with underground water reserves.

Excellent source of quality, unexploited magnetite iron ore.

San Jose de las Palomas

Cluster of unique beachfront properties surrounded by hills and valleys.

Over 90,000 hectares in size.

Rich in metallic ores and raw materials such as limestone and granite.


Carefully selected properties that will unite MilCoin Network’s properties between the Pacific coast and Sea of Cortez.

Contains 16,000 hectares of identified mineralized areas including manganese ore, iron ore, copper, and gold.

Contains protected areas ideal for environmental projects and reserves. Offers windy areas for wind farms and remote areas suitable for solar farms.

Raw materials in this area include granite, marble, sand, and limestone.

Punta Santa Rosalillita

this port will soon be one of the most important commercial ports in the Baja California Peninsula because of its strategic and singular location that is in one of the narrowest areas of the Baja California Peninsula allowing easy transportation from the Pacific Ocean coast to the Sea of Cortez.

Over two kilometers of beachfront and topography with slight elevations providing ocean views, with direct access to quality roads.

Nuevo Rosarito

Conformed by hundreds of smaller properties that together form an area of over 120,000 hectares with over 26 kilometers of oceanfront

Over 60 kilometers of roads with surrounding commercial developments.

Ancient paintings inside caves preserved for cultural value in beautiful natural preserves also offering recreational activities and ecotourism.

Contains deposits of onyx, marble, granite, and precious metal ores.

El Costeno

A group of properties that together adds up to over 130,000 hectares.

A coastal city known as Guerrero Negro that unites both states of the peninsula, Baja California and South Baja California.

A vast, flat area with easy access and easily develop-able conditions.

El Arco, a mining town in the area covers 40% of one of the largest copper reserves in the world, with an area of 7,404 hectares. Over 4.5 million pounds of copper and over 1.7 million ounces of gold among other valuable minerals.

Bahia San Rafael

Approximately 28,000 hectares of mining claims throughout the area.

Part of the Ensenada municipality, this area consists of several properties with a beautiful coastline comprising white and golden sand.

Comfortable weather, excellent water temperatures, privacy, tranquility, peaceful surroundings, suitable for high-end resorts developments.

El Moreno

Over 18,000 hectares and 20 kilometers of coastline, including over 25 kilometers of road access connecting the US with Mexican cities like Tijuana, Mexicali,, and Ensenada.

Suitable for agriculture and capable of producing both fresh and salt water farming.

Northwest of El Moreno are thousands of hectares suitable for clean energy projects (wind, solar, etc.).


Over 127,000 hectares and 64 kilometers of coastline with enough land and suitable conditions to develop an entire coastal city larger than New York City.

Offers fresh water and several raw material and mineral deposits such as flagstone, sand, limestone, hematite, iron oxide, and silver.

Develop-able for a variety of seafood, agriculture, livestock, and ecological preserves.

Value of materials appraised as a production of over $44 billion considering natural raw granite, gypsum, onyx, and other precious raw materials.

Alfredo V. Bonfil

Approximately 45,000 hectares of mining claims in area that surrounds smaller fishing and mining townships.

West of the property, there is a volcano named “las tres virgenes” where the lower area produces natural gas and other resources to produce energy.

Abundant wildlife, hot springs, fresh water, and valuable mineral deposits, excellent volcanic soil conditions.

La Purisima

This area is the only one of its kind as it completely covers land from the Pacific coast up to the coast of the Sea of Cortez. Ideal for our project as we are seeking contiguous land

Contains thousands of metric tons of marble, onyx, and granite deposits and unmeasured deposits of phosphorite, silver, copper, and manganese.

Cabo Pulmo

535 hectares and 4.7 kilometers of breathtaking beachfront with the Sea of Cortez and near a diverse and beautiful coral reef.

Designated marine area with the highest concentration of fish in the entire Gulf of California

Ideal for wellness-oriented and environmentally conscious projects for retirement communities, medical facilities, nature research facilities, and other leisure activities.